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4 Ways to Get Ahead With the Smartphone Clutch

Date posted: January 24, 2014

Certain doors will open for you in this life. Sometimes you’ll have to open the doors yourself. But, you’re probably not going to wait for some man to do it for you. To get ahead, we need to give ourselves every advantage. That’s why the Vapor Couture Smartphone Clutch is a mandatory for savvy women climbing their way to the top.

What’s so great about the Smartphone Clutch?

    vapor cigarette clutch1. It’s Not a Suitcase: The Smartphone Clutch has enough room to carry your phone, your vapor cigarette, credit cards, lipstick and all the essentials. You’ll no longer be the woman who leaves her monster-sized purse in the car while asking the man to carry everything in his cargo pants. And, what are you doing with a guy who wears cargo pants? Get a clutch and be proud of your independence.

    2. It’s Colorful: The Smartphone Clutch comes in Plum, Crimson, Black or White; each shade comes with a chic grey interior lining and two detachable straps that perfectly complement any ensemble. Pick a color that matches your smartphone. Or, pick a color that matches your outfit. Or pick all four and live with no regrets. You’ll be perfectly in sync with your style – no matter what color you choose.

    3. It’s Useful and Elegant: The Vapor Couture Smartphone Clutch features a zippered compartment that can hold two Vapor Couture Batteries, four Vapor Couture Flavor Cartridges and one Smart Charger. A second zippered compartment easily accommodates your smartphone. Each vapor cigarette is protected from damage just waiting to be shown off.

    4. It Says “Look at Me,” Without Screaming “Look at Me!” You’re making a subtle, yet sexy, fashion statement. The Smartphone Clutch can adapt to any classic style with two detachable straps: one long and the other, a wristlet. The long strap is made of leather braided through a silver-toned chain; transforming the clutch into a shoulder bag that perfectly accents any daytime ensemble. Switch to the leather wristlet strap and your Vapor Couture Smartphone Clutch is ready for a night out.

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