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5 Ideas for the Perfect Ladies Night IN

Date posted: April 8, 2014

When was the last time you got together with your best lady friends? With no long weekends in sight, we’re all craving a mini getaway. After all, there’s nothing more refreshing than spending an evening with your best gal pals (and your smokeless cigarettes, of course!). Instead of getting dolled up for a night on the town, let’s plan a ladies night in.

vc smokeless cigarettes First, pick a theme for the evening so you can all get in the mood… Here are some ideas:

1. Wine Tasting: Ask your friends to bring their favorite bottles of vino (white, red, or rosé!) and drop their car keys in a bucket – no driving tonight… Break out your nicest wine glasses and have a real wine tasting. Give everyone a pad of paper and a pen so they can write their favorites. Arrange a few VC™ disposable smokeless cigarettes on the table so you can puff between sips.

2. Chick Flicks & Pizza: The classic combination of chick flicks, pizza, PJ’s and good friends will never go out of style. Order too much pizza and pop open a few bottles of wine. Get comfy on the couch with extra pillows and blankets and watch a few of your favorite chick flicks. Keep a box of tissues handy for those emotional scenes…

3. Beautify Yourselves: Create a relaxing spa atmosphere in your living room by lighting candles, dimming the lights and covering your couches and coffee table with white sheets. Place fresh flowers and a glass pitcher with water and lemon wedges on the table. Hire a professional esthetician, massage artist and/or nail technician to do treatments, or have everyone bring their favorite beauty products to pass around and try on one another.

vc smokeless cigarettes

4. Shop (or Swap) ‘til You Drop: Send your friends home with loads of unique goodies by hosting a trunk show. You can shop for all types of products, from accessories to makeup to designer clothes. Or, ask everyone to bring items they already have and do a swap. Some swap-worthy items: costume jewelry, handbags, home décor items, cocktail dresses and gowns, and even kitchen goods like platters and pitchers. Maybe your best friend is finally ready to give up that bracelet you’ve always loved…

5. Dine in Style: Hire a local chef to prepare hors d’oeuvres and/or dinner for the evening (make sure you plan a menu that everyone will appreciate). Have your guests arrive in cocktail attire and serve Champagne as they arrive… Enjoy a strawberry champagne flavor cartridge in your smokeless cigarette to enhance the flavor of the bubbly. Dressed to impress, you’ll all feel like royalty as you’re served delicious edibles during this glam dinner party.

ladies night dinner

Once you’ve chosen the theme for your ladies night in, pick a date (check with your friends first to make sure there aren’t any scheduling conflicts) and create festive email invitations, including attire suggestions and a list of any items your guests should bring. On the night of your get-together, make sure you’ve got snacks ready and don’t forget to charge your smokeless cigarettes – have extras on hand for your friends to enjoy as well!

What do you like to do with your best girlfriends for fun?

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