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4 Nail Designs To Complement Your Vapor Couture E-Cig

Date posted: June 3, 2013


Whether you’re personal style is preppy, girly or embodies a little bit of rock N’ roll, it is lady etiquette 101 to maintain a neat and fabulous nail bed & manicure. When you are vaping your Vapor Couture electronic cigarette out in public, you are sure to attract onlookers. Draw even more attention by sporting a fabulous and distinctive manicure by switching up your regular manicure with some of these funky and extraordinary nail trends!

– Nail strips: Choose from a variety of chic & funky designs with nail strips! By simply peeling & sticking each nail strip, you can get the salon effect any time, any place while eliminating dry time.

– Combo: Mix up your next manicure session and combine some sparkle, design and color to get a fabulous Spring time design.

– Aztec: Not only are Aztec designs and tribal art becoming a popular clothing fashion trend, it is also making its way into the nail art arena! This YouTube video outlines how to do various Aztec inspired nail designs at home.

– Sparkle: What girl doesn’t love a little sparkle in their life? Accent your fabulous Vapor Couture Electronic Cigarette with a pink or purple sparkle manicure – You will for sure grab spectator’s attention while your out and about puffing on your VC e-cig!

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