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Announcing the “Share the Love” Contest Winners!

Date posted: August 1, 2012

When we started the “Share the Love” contest, we never anticipated the outpour of adoration from all of our many admirers!

We asked fans to be our very own e-promo squad to show everyone on the internet just how much they love Vapor Couture.

The entire office was abuzz with excitement to see all of the extremely creative contest entries that came into our inbox every day. Many of you took to Facebook– spreading our links, sharing our pictures and tagging them to all of your friends. A few praised our products on Twitter by trying to make “Vapor Couture” a trending topic.

All of you did such an amazing job showing us how much you care that it was difficult to choose one entry as the best. We mulled over it for hours before we could finally settle on a winner.

The Grand Prize winner of the “Share the Love” contest and recipient of a brand new Vapor Couture Deluxe Sampler Kit is Amie Green of Blountville, Tennessee.

On top of sharing our posts and pics on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Flickr, Amie sent a blast email to nearly 4,000 recipients announcing the unveiling of Vapor Couture!

Our two runner-ups are Brandy Griffin of Irving, Texas and Emily Bufford of New Orleans, Louisiana. These two ladies receive a special gift from Vapor Couture.

Brandy used Twitter and Yahoo Answers to spread the love about Vapor Couture, reposting our link on all of the ecig-related questions. Brandy, you’re a tweeting rockstar!

Emily created amazing banner ads showcasing our lovely products and displayed them on Photobucket and Facebook. Emily, you are an amazing graphic artist!

Vapor Couture would like to thank everyone who entered the contest and we hope that you continue to engage with us on our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest page. Please check the VC blog for your chance to win in the next Vapor Couture contest!


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