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Chic Shapewear: Enhance Your Figure in Style & Comfort

Date posted: April 30, 2014

Don’t Hide Your Curves – Show Them Off!

Everything beautiful starts with a strong foundation; personal style is no exception. A marvelous ensemble can be all but ruined without the proper undergarments. But we’ve found a solution to those unsightly love handles and VPL (visible panty lines) that plague women everywhere…

The last few years have seen an emerging trend in the world of intimate apparel: it’s called shapewear and it no longer resembles your grandmother’s girdle; bony and dripping with the smell of a stale menthol cigarette… Now, shapewear comes in various fabrics and designs that you’ll actually want to wear – and show off. Plus, these newer styles are meant to accentuate the feminine silhouette; not hide it.

High-Waisted Briefs: Tuck your tummy in and lift your rear, with minimal coverage that actually works.

Torso Shapers: Say goodbye to love handles! Smooth any bumps between your bosom and panty line…
torso shapewear

Thigh Slimmers: Like bike shorts, but underwear, your buttocks will get a lift and your thighs will look slimmer.

Body Suits: Smooth anything and everything with one undergarment; get one with a gusseted crotch to make restroom visits easy.

Slips: Perfect for dresses, slips in the shapewear category accentuate your curves and even out your figure.
shapewear slip dress

Treat yourself to a new piece of shapewear the next time you do some online shopping. Then, celebrate your new foundation by picking up a chic accessory from Vapor Couture™ (like one of our designer-inspired vapor cigarette cases in crimson).

The new generation of shapewear boosts sensuality and style while providing functional comfort (similar to smokeless cigarettes by Vapor Couture!). You won’t be embarrassed to show off some of these new styles… Plus, you’ll look perfectly put-together as you puff on your sparkling vapor cigarettes.

What undergarments do you use as foundations for your best ensembles? Tell us in the comment section!

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