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Disposables – The Newest Trend to Hit the VC Runway!

Date posted: August 29, 2013

vc dispVapor Couture proudly presents the newest addition to our collection… Disposables! This elegant, single-use vapor cigarette offers robust performance in a slim, stream-lined design. The VC Disposables are odorless and produce no smoke or harmful ash – virtually the same as rechargeable smokeless cigarettes, except that they were designed to be even more convenient. This all-in-one model requires no recharging and can be enjoyed immediately, right from the package.

VC Disposables are easy to enjoy and simple to tote while traveling. Slim and lightweight, it’s no trouble to slide one into your purse or pocket. You don’t have to carry around a charger either, since the single-use battery is all you need!

disposables-and-entree-kit-sliderAvailable in three seductive flavor and color combinations, you’ll be sure to find a disposable to fit your vaping needs. Indulge in the icy chill of Arctic Mint in Brushed Platinum, savor the sweetness of Passion Fruit in Rose Gold, or fall for the flavor of Rodeo Drive in Deep Purple. With each providing about 250 puffs, the VC Disposable is a must-have for any fashionista’s collection. Get them in packs of five or ten. Available in 1.2% nicotine strength.

Disposables are the perfect way to try out vapor cigarettes if you’re new to vaping. With nothing to assemble and no recharging, you can easily enjoy one right out of the box! With chic colors, strong vapor production and tantalizing flavors, Vapor Couture Disposables are quickly becoming the preferred brand of disposable smoke free cigarettes!

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