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DIY Body Scrub; from the Ladies at Vapor Couture

Date posted: January 21, 2014

menthol cigaretteThe cold weather wreaks havoc on our skin, from our feet to our forearms. How’s your skin holding up this winter? If you’re experiencing dry hands and legs, and feel like your body needs a pick-me-up, try out this recipe for a customized DIY body scrub. Your freshly buffed hands will impress all around, especially if you’re holding a chic vapor menthol cigarette from Vapor Couture.

One of the ladies here at Vapor Couture created a simple recipe for homemade body scrubs and we loved it so much that we just had to share! Wouldn’t it be great to be able to go into your kitchen pantry, mix a few ingredients together and end up with a customized body scrub for your next bathing experience?

Everything you need to create your own luxurious body scrub is probably already in your kitchen. Grab your favorite Vapor Couture e-cigarette and join us on our journey to silky smooth skin… Here’s how:

menthol cigaretteIngredients:
– 2 cups granulated sugar, brown sugar or a fine sea salt
– ¼ cup grape seed oil, coconut oil or olive oil
– 1 teaspoon honey

Optional Ingredients:
– 1 teaspoon cocoa powder
– 5-10 drops lavender oil (or your favorite essential oil)
– 1 tablespoon lemon juice

Combine all ingredients in a small container (like a plastic cup). Stir gently – chopsticks are great tools for this type of stirring. Then, go pamper yourself! In the bath or shower, scoop a small handful of your homemade scrub into your hand, then apply in a circular motion. Start with your feet and move up, exfoliating your legs, tummy, hands, arms and back. Then rinse and enjoy your extra-soft skin.

More Ideas:
diy body scrub recipe from vapor couture

    1. Fill some empty jars with your perfected body scrub to give away as gifts, or to just have on hand.

    2. Experiment with different scented oils and ingredients. You can even do an online search for “DIY body scrub” and find tons of extra resources.

    3. Invite friends over and have a spa party. Send everyone home with the perfect party favors: their own body scrub and a Vapor Couture disposable smokeless menthol cigarette. You’ll all have a great time, get some luxurious goodies and be able to enjoy your chic smokeless menthol cigarettes long after the night is over!

Do you have your own ideas or recipes? We would love to hear them – just share in the comment section.

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