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Experience Champagne in a Vapor Cigarette

Date posted: October 24, 2013

Around 8 o’clock one Thursday evening, a beautiful woman wearing a black dress sauntered into the hotel bar, took a seat right in the middle and gazed towards the handsome bartender. He caught her eye and immediately knew what she wanted. Reaching down, he pulled out a perfectly chilled bottle of Dom Perignon, the finest champagne he knew.

strawberry champagneThe woman’s gaze followed the bartender’s strong hands as they rhythmically removed the foil and unscrewed the wire tightly nestled above the cork. He gripped the porous cork and twisted the bottle exactly two and a half times.

Then, everyone heard the unmistakable sound of celebration; the “pop” of the cork being removed. A tall crystal flute appeared and was filled with bubbly, liquid gold – champagne.

It was wonderful.

Champagne isn’t just a bubbly beverage; it’s an entire experience. First, you’ll recognize the need for champagne. Someone must purchase a bottle (or two, or three, or more!) immediately, because you’ll be having a toast, which requires champagne.

While at the store, there are only a few options, but it’s quite hard to choose because you want to ensure the perfect experience for everyone. So you grab a bottle of Dom and two or three bottles you’ve never heard of. You confirm that what you’re purchasing is actually champagne, and not sparkling wine. You start to get excited about this bubbly.

You return with liquid gold and become a hero. Now it’s time to pop bottles!

Do you know what goes perfect with champagne? Strawberries! Add one to the rim of your glass, or serve a bowl of strawberries alongside the champagne…

strawberry champagneOnce you’ve got your glass of champagne and a few good friends, do you feel like you’re missing something? Perhaps you love the feeling of inhaling something tasty? Vapor Couture has the perfect addition to your champagne dreams… Strawberry Champagne flavor cartridges! Grab your cigarette case or clutch, your favorite Vapor Couture batteries, and don’t forget to try out the Strawberry Champagne flavor… You’ll be the talk of the party; and you’ll have the best experience EVER.

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