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Five Types of Compliments & How to Handle Them

Date posted: December 20, 2013

Compliments can be awkward. We love them, but sometimes we’re not sure what to do with them. It used to be all about the hair, jewelry or clothes. But, now that you’re showing off a new designer vapor cigarette from Vapor Couture, you’re compliment intake is likely to skyrocket. Here’s a list of different compliments, along with proper reactions.

shutterstock_1029566271. The Creepy Compliment: Usually given from a guy who’s just trying to pick you up. He gives the compliment and then won’t leave. He’ll say “I love your hair” or “You have the prettiest eyes.” You’ll respond with a “Thank you” but he still won’t leave.
How to Respond: The best way to handle this is with a non sequitur segue. Just take a puff off your Vapor Couture electronic cigarette and say something like, “Speaking of great hair, I need to go home and feed my cat.” Works every time.

2. The Crappy Compliment: When someone compliments the $12 belt you bought from Old Navy, they probably aren’t being sincere. Or they have no idea what real fashion is… This tactic is a favorite of slimy sales people. Especially the ones offering free neck massages from that kiosk in the mall. They’re buttering you up before asking for your money.
How to Respond: Don’t make eye contact. Just keep walking.

3. The Perfect Compliment: Ever hear a compliment so powerful that you feel like you need a cigarette? The perfect compliment is more than just sincere. It paralyzes you for a half-second with everything you love to hear and everything you want to hear, all at once. The best example is when an attractive woman gets a compliment for making a smart decision at work. It goes past the obvious, for a direct hit.
How to Respond: Be gracious, and say thank you! Make sure your Vapor Couture Smartphone Clutch is filled with vapor cigarettes should one of these rare gems ever head your way.

4. The Drive-By Compliment: This is a great compliment—at first. It feels good to hear until the person who gave it to you gives one just as strong to the next person he or she sees. These compliments are usually delivered by insecure people who just want others to like them. And, they’re usually appreciated by insure people who just want others to like them. Depressed yet?
How to Respond: A Vapor Couture vapor cigarette should snap you out of it.

5. The Friendly Fire Compliment: You’re standing there in your hot dress just waiting to be noticed when some attractive man looks your way and says, “Nice dress.” You blush. You smile. You look at him and say, “Thank…” just as a more attractive woman standing behind you and wearing an even hotter dress says “Thank you.” Awkward? Embarrassing? Devastating? Probably all three.
How to Respond: Walk away and enjoy the rest of your night. You’ll find someone even better!

The good news is that Vapor Couture vapor cigarettes were made for any situation. Handle your compliments with care, and recover with Vapor Couture.

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