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Flavors to Fit Your Style

Date posted: November 20, 2013

With a refreshing line of delicious flavors, bold colors and chic accessories, you’ll be impressed with Vapor Couture’s sense of style and innovation. Our smokeless cigarette flavors are irresistible, ranging from all-American tobacco flavors to fruity and bold options. What’s your perfect flavor fit? Read on to find out…

Six Delicious Options

BombShell – This is a smooth, tobacco flavored blend that’s perfect for tobacco lovers. With spicy undertones, this flavor is as bold as it is satisfying.


Rodeo Drive – This all-American tobacco flavor is rich and hearty; a delectable blend that embodies the robust taste of domestic tobacco.


Fresh Mint – Cool and crisp, this flavor offers a sparkly hint of mint and a refreshing aftertaste. An icy mint with a hint of sweetness, we know this flavor will be one of your favorites.


Passion Fruit – Passion fruit with a full-bodied twist, a perfect treat for every day. This delightful flavor is sure to tickle your sweet tooth and leave you wanting more.


Strawberry Champagne – Light, refreshing and fruity with a hint of sweetness, this tantalizing flavor combines the taste of ripe strawberries with the crispness of a fine Champagne.


Arctic Mint – This blast of minty freshness will keep your taste buds cool, combining the fresh flavor of peppermint with subtle hints of sweetness – perfect for any occasion!


Finding the Perfect Flavor

Now it’s time to decide which Vapor Couture flavors suit your personal preferences. Whether you prefer the traditional flavor of a full-bodied menthol cigarette, or something with a robust tobacco flavor, you can easily find a tasty treat that will keep you satisfied. With the ease and convenience of online ordering, you can try a single flavor that appeals to you, or you can order them all and decide upon your favorites.

Happy Vaping!

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