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Football Fashion; Four Fabulous Looks for Game-Day

Date posted: January 31, 2014

Football games aren’t usually the most stylish events. While the players do look adorable in their shoulder pads and capris, we still like to look nice when it’s time to play. Whether you’re celebrating in the tri-state area this weekend or staying at home to watch the big game (and the awesome commercials), you can still enjoy the festivities while wearing a fabulous outfit.

The color palette for this year’s game will be interesting… One team will be wearing orange jerseys with white pants. The other will wear white jerseys with blue pants – so, if you aren’t partial to one team, just pick the colors that you like the best! It’s nothing to be ashamed of. You’re a stylish woman, not a sports fanatic.

Check out our favorite game-day looks…

    1. Jersey & Jeans

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    A simple, yet sexy, look that anyone can pull off; just slip on your favorite pair of jeans or cutoffs, add a t-shirt from your favorite team and cheer away. Keep your hair and makeup simple – if you want to get more creative, add a pair of tube socks. With your football-themed ensemble, the guys won’t even mind when you walk in front of the TV…

    2. Classy Colors

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    Some hardcore fashionistas don’t even own clothes related to a specific team; and that’s ok! Just build a game-day outfit to fit your personal style. You can dress this look up or down, depending on your plans. All it takes is choosing your team’s color palette and exercising your savvy fashion sense.

    3. All-Star Athlete

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    Do you still love playing dress-up? We do… If you want to go all-out this weekend, start by smudging some black eyeliner under your eyes and throwing on a jersey, leggings and a pair of tube socks. You may even consider heading to the costume shop for shoulder pads and a helmet; it’s time to let your inner football player score some fashion touchdowns!

    4. Ravishing Referee

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    Black and white vertical stripes? Sign us up! This super-flattering guise will make you look and feel like a boss. You can be a casual referee with black shorts, tube socks and sneakers, or hit the town by adding a pair of black pants and sexy pumps. Call your own shots and impress everyone with your fabulous ensemble. Drape a whistle around your neck to gain extra authority.

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