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Four Ways to Pamper Yourself on World Vaping Day

Date posted: September 19, 2013

vc-world-vaping-dayHolidays give us a great reason to celebrate. Today is the second annual World Vaping Day, and Vapor Couture is joining in the festivities! Have you made plans yet? If you don’t have time today, just celebrate this weekend! The point is to celebrate your success with Vapor Couture, as well as the vapor cigarette industry’s continuous growth…

We think your deserve some pampering! Here are four easy ways to make you feel amazing on this special holiday:

Dress Up Your Fingernailsshutterstock_138840830

When you enjoy a vapor cigarette, your hands are much more visible to the world. You’ll feel extra sexy with a sleek manicure. Make a statement with your favorite color combination, or go chic with classic French.

Take a Really Long Shower
shutterstock_129598883 (1)
Isn’t it wonderful to just stand under the running water and feel all your stress run down the drain? On World Vaping Day, step into your bathroom, lock the door, light some candles, grab your special beauty products and enjoy as much time as you desire. Pamper yourself; let yourself feel like a queen! Try out the facial treatment we’ve shared below.

Treat Yourself to a Home Facial

shutterstock_85884829You don’t have to go to the spa to get glowing skin! Try this at-home treatment to make your face feel extra-soft. First, wash your face with your daily cleanser. Scrub for at least 60 seconds to get a super fresh feeling. Pat your face dry. Now it’s time to exfoliate! Fill a little cup with a few tablespoons of sugar. Add a squeeze of lemon and a dime-sized amount of honey. Mix your concoction with about one tablespoon of water, scoop it up with your hands, and gently scrub your face. It’s best to do this step in the shower. If you have enough product, extend the exfoliation onto your neck and chest for an extra special treatment! Once you rinse the sugar exfoliant away, feel free to apply one of your store-bought facial masks according to the directions on the product. Now you’re ready to face the world with radiant skin…

Spend Some Time with Friends
With your nails done, face glowing and pampering complete, call up your friends and take some time to enjoy each other! Pop open a bottle of bubbly. Show off your vapor cigarettes. Just have some fun!

Happy Vaping Day, from Vapor Couture!

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