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Global Style Guide; Dress for Your Destination

Date posted: June 26, 2014

Are you going anywhere especially stylish this summer? Perhaps you’re planning a shopping trip in Paris, a gourmet tour through Italy (with a stop in Milan, of course), or a weekend getaway in Manhattan to see how local fashionistas rock the most recent trends. No matter where the season takes you, don garments inspired by your destination – add your personal touch with sparkling vapor cigarettes by Vapor Couture.

Even if you’re not traveling to a known fashion capital, give some international flair to your summer style by wearing ensembles influenced by your favorite fashion destinations. To give you some ideas, we picked six famously fashionable cities and found the perfect outfits to match…

London, United Kingdom

london fashion vapor cigarettes
With some of the best (albeit most pricey) shopping in the world, London is all about luxury. Wear your highest-quality designer jeans with a silk blouse, structured blazer and ladylike pumps as you peruse the endless array of boutiques in and around Piccadilly Circus.

Paris, France

vapor cigarettes in paris
Stroll through the streets of Paris and observe how the locals effortlessly flaunt their runway-ready ensembles. Wear your most simple, timeless pieces. Comfortable stilettos (so you can walk with confidence) and an A-line dress or skirt in a luxurious fabric will keep you feeling chic all day long.

Milan, Italy

vapor sigarette a milano
Dripping with glamour and home to some of the world’s leading designers, Milan will always be a classic location for lovers of fashion. Carry your vapor cigarettes in a soft leather handbag, slip into a flowing midi skirt and wear strappy sandals to blend in with the local Italian fashionistas.

Manhattan, New York (2014’s most fashionable city in the world!)

manhattan fashion
Touted as the fashion capitol of the world, NYC presents looks from around the globe – this is the perfect place to let your inner supermodel call the shots. Wear bold patterns and sleek designs that accentuate your best features. Although lined with pavement, every street in Manhattan is actually a runway (figuratively speaking, of course)…

Miami, Florida

miami chic vapor cigarettes
An up-and-coming fashion hub, Miami is heating up! South Florida summers are perfect for lightweight ensembles in bright colors. Dress in sheer, printed blouses and white linen during the day; slip into your shortest mini-skirt and sky-high heels for a night out. A killer bathing suit may also come in handy…

Los Angeles, California

los angeles fashion
Like Miami, this city is making strides in the fashion world. Although teeming with celebrities and the accompanying chaos, LA maintains a laid-back style. Wear feminine sneakers or flat sandals with a casual dress by day and dark denim with chic booties by night. Keep your essentials secure in a designer-inspired cigarette case by Vapor Couture.

Whether you’re jetting off to Europe or staying close to home, try incorporating some of these looks into your summer style. Tell us your plans in the comment section!

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  • What a perfect guide to the world’s most fashionable cities! I am Paris and London-bound later this year, so it came in super handy. I especially loved the Paris look! Maybe now is the time for me to finally invest in that designer trench…

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