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Go Both Ways With Vapor Cigarettes

Date posted: January 28, 2014

Women are amazing at multi-tasking and finding multiple ways to use things… Not everyone who buys a pair of running shoes will use them for running; some may use them for tennis, and others may just wear them while lounging around the house.

In terms of vapor cigarettes, women choose Vapor Couture for different reasons. For one thing, it’s an opportunity to enjoy rich, tasty vapor when traditional smoking is not allowed. It’s also an opportunity to show off your savvy sense of style. Where you go from there is up to you. Our mission is to provide a product with superior flavor and style that opens opportunities.

At Vapor Couture, we want you, and the people around you, to enjoy the many options that come with vapor cigarettes. Here are just a few people in your life who are glad you have these options:

    1. Your Boss: It’s hard to look busy while standing outside your office building, smoking a traditional cigarette. Don’t give your boss the wrong impression. Vapor cigarettes allow you to indulge without sacrificing.

    vapor cigarette batteries2. Your Significant Other: We haven’t conducted a formal study on this one. Still, we’re pretty sure that smoke-free kisses taste way better than smoke-filled ones. And who wouldn’t find you even more attractive with a chic battery from Vapor Couture added to your ensemble; sparkling between your perfectly manicured fingers.

    3. Your Family: When you give Mom a hug, she won’t smell smoke on your clothes. This could lead to her demanding other family members smell you. On the other hand, you’ll make Mom happy. So happy, she may just offer to do your laundry. And she may even ask to try your e-cig. (We recommend Passion Fruit.)

Vapor cigarettes offer flexibility that tobacco cigarettes don’t hold a candle to. You’ve adapted to a rapidly changing world and so has your cigarette. You don’t have to sacrifice style for satisfaction. You’re a Vapor Couture Woman and you deserve both.

What opportunities have vapor cigarettes given you?

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