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Sweet Savings on Your Favorite Flavors

Date posted: January 6, 2014

vapor couture sale
Fancy some new flavors? If so, you’re in luck because from Tuesday, January 7th to Wednesday, January 8th at midnight, you can get 15% off any flavor cartridges from Vapor Couture. Pick up your usual favorites, and try something new. This offer will only be available for two days, so no procrastinating!

Now all you have to do is decide which Vapor Couture flavors you’ll order this time – or try them all! With 15% off, you can’t go wrong…

Six Delicious Flavors

    Bombshell – This is a smooth, tobacco flavored blend that’s perfect for tobacco lovers. With spicy undertones, Bombshell is as bold as it is satisfying.

    Rodeo Drive – This all-American tobacco flavor is rich and hearty; a delectable blend that embodies the robust taste of domestic tobacco.

    Fresh Mint – Cool and crisp, this flavor offers a polished hint of mint and a refreshingly sweet aftertaste. An icy mint with a hint of sweetness, we know this flavor will be one of your favorites.

    Passion Fruit – Passion fruit with a full-bodied twist, a perfect treat for every day. This delightful flavor is sure to tickle your sweet tooth and leave you wanting more.

    Strawberry Champagne – Light, refreshing and fruity with slightly sweet undertones, this tantalizing flavor combines the taste of ripe strawberries with the crispness of a fine Champagne.

    Arctic Mint – This blast of minty freshness will keep your taste buds cool, combining the fresh flavor of peppermint with subtle hints of sweetness – perfect for any occasion!

*Offer expires at midnight on January 8th. Discount applied at checkout. Must be 18+ to order.

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