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It’s Easy to Enjoy Vapor Couture!

Date posted: August 15, 2013

Most savvy consumers agree that the benefits of vapor cigarettes go far beyond their smoke free, ash free and odor free attributes. Where are some places you can easily enjoy Vapor Couture? Are there any unusual places where you like to savor your vapor cigarette?

Stylish vapers are now enjoying their favorite vapor cigarettes in exciting new ways, and in different and unexpected places. For example, you can conveniently vape in your car without having to crack a window. This is especially helpful when it’s raining! Since smoke free cigarettes leave no lingering odors, there’s no need to be concerned about your beloved vehicle smelling like smoke. Additionally, there is no possibility for falling ash ruining your upholstery. Sounds good to us!

vc at homeYou can also enjoy vapor cigarettes in the privacy of your own home. Since you don’t have to worry about smoke, you can conveniently tote your Vapor Couture around the house. Venture outside, relax in the tub (just make sure to keep your vapor cigarette dry!), busy yourself in the kitchen or do chores – all while comfortably vaping! It’s also good to know that vapor doesn’t set off smoke detectors. So vape away anywhere, even under your smoke detectors! Also, you can rest assured that enjoying your smoke free cigarette at bedtime can be a relaxing end to a long day. Vapor Couture can be a great addition to your nighttime ritual.

The fact that a smoke free cigarette produces no ash makes it easy to use virtually anywhere, with no mess! Besides enjoying your vapor cigarette at home and in the car, you may also be able to savor it at work. Depending on where you work, your break may not have to be outside the building anymore! No flame means you can enjoy your smoke free cigarettes while taking a walk or enjoying the great outdoors. You can also use poolside or even vape to your heart’s content while raking leaves, mowing the lawn, or shoveling snow. There is nothing to discard, so there’s no worry about polluting with a cigarette butt!

Vaping at family gatherings, nightclubs, office picnics and other close spaces, likely won’t bother others. Since there is no smoke – only vapor – you can discreetly take pleasure in a vapor cigarette. With no noxious odors trapped in walls and furniture, a Vapor Couture smoke free cigarette fits easily into your daily routine, without the typical disruption of having to go outdoors for a smoke.

Enjoying a vapor cigarette is a self-contained way to get your nicotine fix in many different environments. With this socially conscious and unobtrusive electric device, you can relax with a vapor cigarette just about anywhere, without cause for concern.

What’s the most unique place you’ve enjoyed your vapor cigarette? Have you been to a place where Vapor Couture fits right in, whereas a traditional cigarette would not?

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