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How to Pick the Right Vapor Couture Accessory

Date posted: December 5, 2013

As you’ve probably figured out by now, Vapor Couture is about more than enjoying your favorite menthol cigarettes in the form of rich, satisfying vapor. Vapor Couture is a way of life. These decadent, stylish e-cigs say as much about you as the ring on your finger, the shoes on your feet or the man on your arm. Have you seen the accessories? OK, take a deep breath. We know this is a big step. Trust us. You’ll be fine. This is our little guide to help you pick the right ones. Actually, there are no wrong ones. But, this may help you choose what to buy first.

    1. The Portable Charging Case: Quick! When was the last time you sat home by yourself and watched the newest romantic comedy? If you can’t remember, your on-the-go lifestyle demands one of these cigarette cases should be in your purse at all times. The Portable Charging Case can charge a battery up to six times while you’re at spin class, the coffee shop, the mall, the saloon, Julie’s, Mike’s or wherever you happen to be when a power source is the farthest thing from your radar. You never stop and neither does The Portable Charging Case.
    2. The Smartphone Clutch: You know the girl who asks her husband or boyfriend to put all the stuff from her purse into his pockets when entering a restaurant of nightspot? That’s not you. You know that you don’t have to sacrifice function for style. The Smartphone Clutch is streamlined to carry your Vapor Couture electronic cigarettes, your phone, a few credit cards and maybe a lipstick. You’re the star of the show. You should have a bag with as much star power as you do.
    3. Metal Carrying Case: Whip out this metallic fashion statement and tell the world that great things really do come in small packages, without even opening your mouth. You’re charming without having to flirt. Get on your bad side and there’s no going back. Holding two batteries and two flavor cartridges, these cigarette cases were created for times when business and pleasure have crossed a line but you’re not sure which. Time to call a taxi.

You haven’t decided yet, have you? Relax. No pressure. Enjoy your Vapor Couture electronic cigarette while you figure it out. Here’s a tip: think about your weekend plans.

Works every time.

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