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Product Spotlight: The Vapor Couture Charm

Date posted: August 6, 2012

They say a good thing is hard to keep secret, and a great thing is even harder not to share.

You know what a cool gadget your Vapor Couture electronic cigarette is, but what if you can’t find it?  The new Vapor Couture Charm allows you to show off those four eye-catching battery colors, while keeping it from getting lost at the bottom of you purse!

The Vapor Couture Charm is a revolutionary new product that lets you wear your e-cig like a piece of fine jewelry. Simply push the crystal end of the Vapor Couture electronic cigarette inside of the holder and use the lobster clasp to attach it to whatever you’re wearing. Stick it on your own necklace, attach it to your purse or wear it with your Vapor Couture metallic lanyard. When you are ready to use your e-cig, simply place the e-cig mouthpiece between your lips and puff.

The Charm is a great way to turn heads, especially if placed in attention-grabbing areas.  And, since it can hook on to anything, the possibilities are endless for what you can wear it with.  Here are some cool ways to wear your Vapor Couture Charm and ecig.











Body chains were once only appropriate or renaissance fairs and nightclubs, but for this summer, body jewelry is quickly becoming the new statement necklace. The summer heat is too hot for big baubles; pair these delicate body adornments with a nice swimsuit for the beach, like Rihanna. Or, keep it downtown and casual by rocking it with your most flattering jeans and tank top, like Ashley Tisdale. Best part is you can use your Vapor Couture charm to add a little extra pizazz to this outfit. The lobster clasp is strong and the holder secures your e-cig so you can let it hang on your chain belt or body necklace without falling off. Pretty cool, huh?

When Marc Jacobs created ponytail holders with little dangling coins, stores everywhere started making their own cost-efficient versions of this schoolyard-inspired accessory. These colorful hair ties are not only functional, but they bring a little extra panache to a dull hair day. Here’s a quirky hairstyle for long hair:

Slick down wet strands with a dollop of your favorite liquid hair pomade, and then part your mane into three sections for a side braid. Plait your tresses all the way to the ends and enclose with a bright fabric-covered ponytail holder that is sturdy enough to hold the charm and e cigarette. Now, attach the two to the ponytail holder and toss the braid across your shoulder so your charm can dangle. This style is totally camp and fun!

The durable lobster clasp on the Vapor Couture Charm connects easily to any piece of jewelry you choose. Stick it onto one of these three necklaces, or select from your collection of chains. Try hooking your charm and e-cig right in the center of this mustache necklace for a funny statement piece.  For the girls who love vintage, slide your Charm next to an old-school swallow pendant. The Vapor Couture Charm and e cig adds a swank touch to a strand of pearls on a big night out.

The Vapor Couture Charm can turn boring neckwear into something extraordinary; everyone will be asking,”Where did you get that?”

Vapor Couture Charm

Why should your neck and shoulders have all the fun? Adorn your wrist by clipping your Vapor Couture to a fun bracelet. With so many choices of colors in the Vapor Couture line, you’ll always be the best dressed girl wherever you go. A pretty amethyst-colored gem tennis bracelets look with a Purple Vapor Couture e cig attached is a match fit for a queen. Try wearing your Signature battery on the sky blue woven bracelet above; the brass beads and infinity pendant really brings out the “VC” logo. The Rose Gold battery makes a beautiful additional charm for this “peace and love”-themed chain. And finally, our Vapor Couture battery in Platinum goes very nicely with the silver bangle.



  • nicole mccarthy says:

    more more more girly more fashion love love it more!!!!!!

  • Nats says:

    I just love the concept! Congrats it is definitely THE way to go: discovered the site with some male friends while looking for a starter kit, ordered mine and guess…. They couldn’t wait to have a male version;)
    Can’t say anything but the same as Nicole: more more more! Practical and total fashionista : some kind of on-the-way charging device would be fantastic.
    Thanks for the idea and making the dream come true.

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