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Product Spotlight: Vapor Couture Lanyards & Bracelets

Date posted: November 8, 2013

vapor couture charmHow do you keep your vapor cigarettes nearby? Perhaps you’ve got a Vapor Couture clutch, or your own stylish way of toting your vaping supplies. Have you thought about trying the Vapor Couture Lanyard or Bracelet? With a sleek charm to keep your battery or flavor cartridge secure, our lanyards and bracelets are convenient and fashionable carrying options. Someone on the VC staff is wearing a VC lanyard right now, with three charms and flavor cartridges!

Ways to Rock Your VC Lanyard & Bracelet

    1. Wrap the lanyard around your wrist several times to make a trendy wrap bracelet. Then add some extra charms, attach your favorite colored flavor cartridges, then watch the heads turn!
    2. Attach 2-3 extra charms to your lanyard and wear flavor cartridge and battery colors to complement your outfit.
    3. Slide the bracelet up your arm to make it into a cool arm cuff.
    4. Use the bracelet as an anklet; just make sure to only add flavor cartridges to the charms, so you don’t end up stepping on your battery!

VC lanyard

    1. Braided leatherette with colorful finishes
    2. Choose from Dark Silver, Metallic Purple, Metallic Pink, or Black
    3. Charms equipped with rubber lining to keep batteries and flavor cartridges secure
    4. Charms have lobster clasps to attach securely to lanyard or bracelet
    5. In order to get the most vapor from your battery while attached to the charm, line up the holes by the crystal tip with the holes in the charm

The VC Lanyard and Bracelet are convenient, stylish accessories that will keep your vapor cigarettes secure, while storing extra flavor cartridges.

PS: Do you love the taste of menthol cigarettes? Try Fresh Mint or Arctic Mint from Vapor Couture and get that menthol cigarette flavor, minus the cigarette!

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