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How to Refresh Your Skin Care Routine for Spring

Date posted: April 2, 2014

spring skincare routineWith the cold months on their way out, we welcome warmer weather with open arms. As we’ve transitioned into spring, we’ve been cleaning everything from our closets to our vapor cigarettes. Today, we’re spring cleaning our beauty products…

Just like washing the smell of a menthol cigarette out of your hair (remember that yucky odor?!), you also need to refresh your skin care routine; throw out the bad, clean up the dirty and start anew. You’ve already switched to smokeless cigarettes. Now it’s time to step up your skin care routine. See our tips, below.

Throw Away: Even if it’s not all used up, toss anything that could be contaminated or is no longer effective.

skin care – Expired products

– Mascara that’s older than three months

– Products that have changed consistency, color or smell

– Products with SPF older than one year (SPF becomes less effective after 12 months)

– All of your used makeup sponges

Clean: You want to kill bacteria and clear any product build-up that accumulated over the past several months.

spring skin clean– Use soap and water to clean all of your makeup brushes; make sure they’re fully dry before putting them away (to dry, put your clean brushes in a cup with bristles facing up)

– Sharpen your eyeliner to reveal a fresh, clean layer

– With an alcohol wipe, clear away product build-up around the openings of your liquid foundation, moisturizers, cleansers and other products with pumps or nozzles

– Wipe away the first layers of your lipsticks, using an alcohol wipe or a tissue

Replenish: It’s time to kiss your heavy night creams goodbye and stock your bathroom with springtime skin care products…

spring skin replenish– Mascara; get two tubes so you can throw one out after three months and have a fresh one waiting – this way, you won’t be tempted to keep using the old stuff.

– Makeup sponges; get a pack of disposable sponges so you’ll have a clean applicator every time.

– SPF for your face; if you’re going to be outside, the SPF in your makeup isn’t enough!

– SPF for your body; get one with zinc oxide or avobenzone.

– Try a serum; a good serum will deliver moisture and important nutrients to the deeper layers of your skin (where it really counts).

– Lightweight moisturizer; try one with hyaluronic acid (aka sodium hyaluronate) – this water-binding ingredient keeps moisture in your skin without feeling too heavy.

– If you’re in the sun more often during the spring/summer seasons, pick up a foundation one shade darker than usual; even with SPF, you’ll still get kissed by the sun and your light-colored foundation will no longer match your skin tone.

BONUS TIP: Remember to exfoliate regularly; it prepares your skin for other products, allowing them to work as they should. Pick up an exfoliant intended for daily use, like a cleanser containing fruit enzymes or a light concentration of AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid). And treat yourself to a professional peel!

Throw away your old products, clean the rest and head to the store to replenish your skin care necessities for spring. When you’re done, treat yourself to one of our new vapor cigarette cases; the VC™ Smartphone Clutch – available in four elegant colors, it’s roomy enough to hold your vapor cigarettes, smartphone, cash and credit cards, and even a small bottle of your favorite SPF…

How do you transition your skin care routine from winter to spring?

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