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Starter Kit Speed Dating; What’s Your Perfect Match?

Date posted: January 10, 2014

Starter Kits are an important part of the vaping experience. They offer more than just good looks and satisfying vapor; each has its own style and personality, just like you… So how do you know which kit to get? Here’s a quick rundown of the Vapor Couture Starter Kits to help you find your perfect match:

    1. Entrée Kit (The Flirt): Your first step into the world of vapor cigarettes can be a little overwhelming. Consider the Entrée Kit your personal welcoming committee, with a rechargeable Vapor Couture Battery, six Vapor Couture Flavor Cartridges, one USB Smart Charger and one single-use Vapor Couture Disposable e-cig. Your vaping experience can begin as soon as you open the box. It’s easy to fall for Entrée Kit’s charming flavor (choose from Rich Rodeo Drive, Sweet Passion Fruit or Cool Arctic Mint) only to find yourself wanting more. Before you know it, you’ll be down to your last flavor cartridge. That’s the Entrée Kit. Such a flirt.

    entree kit purple.png

    2. L’Essentiel Kit (The Strong, Silent Type): When you’re ready to commit, you’re ready for L’Essentiel Kit. This kit offers two rechargeable Vapor Couture Batteries, two 5-packs of Vapor Couture Flavor Cartridges, one charger kit and one user manual. Like to be in control? L’Essential Kit lets you choose your battery and cartridge colors (Deep Purple, Rose Gold, Brushed Platinum or our White Signature Pattern) as well as your flavors and nicotine strengths. It’s perfect for those looking for something real, but not too serious.


    3. L’Essentiel Kit + 1 (The Thrill Seeker): Looks, style and personality come together with a little added excitement to complete your look. The + 1 means you’ll be accompanied by one of our most charming accessories. Grab attention with the Stainless Steel Charm Necklace or be a little more subtle with the Portable Charging Case. The choice is yours. The Portable Charging Case can go all night, charging your battery up to six times before connecting to a power source. Because you never know when a simple night out will turn into a weekend getaway…


    4. The Passeport Kit (The Total Package): The Passeport Kit is ready to give everything smokeless cigarettes can offer, in Vapor Couture’s most complete vaping package. Two Batteries, two packs of Flavor Cartridges, one of our lovely portable charging cigarette cases, a Stainless Steel Fluted Charm Necklace, an auto adapter, one charging kit and a user’s manual offer stylish vapor satisfaction that goes the distance. If you’re tired of looking, the Passeport Kit offers the complete package. To quote a popular power ballad from the 80s, “the search is over.”


There is no wrong choice. With Vapor Couture, a good starter kit is easy to find. What’s your favorite so far?

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