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How to Streamline Your Wardrobe (and organize your closet!)

Date posted: March 19, 2014

Start the new season with a closet full of clothes you’ll actually wear…

closet cleaning 3When was the last time you went through your clothes? If it’s been a while, don’t worry – it’s never too late to make a positive change! Plan on giving your closet a makeover this spring; with a streamlined wardrobe, you’ll discover how simple it is to put together a fabulous outfit every day.

Grab your electronic menthol cigarette by Vapor Couture™ and read on for an in-depth look at how to consolidate your wardrobe and clean out your closet…

The Planning: Before getting started, know how you’re going to finish. Map out the best places in your closet and dresser for different types of clothing. Plan to have your pajamas closest to the bed, jeans and t-shirts neatly folded in drawers and nicer clothes hanging in the closet. Do you have an entire weekend to get everything done or must you work for just a few hours at a time? If you’re going to work in spurts, go through one type of clothing at a time. Doing it all at once? Take a deep breath and dive in! You’ll have an organized, stylish wardrobe in no time…

The Piles: Separating what stays from what goes is an essential step in every closet overhaul; see our recommendations below and select which piles will work for you.

To Stay – This pile will be your new-and-improved wardrobe for Spring/Summer 2014

CURRENT: These clothes fit well and look fantastic. They flatter your figure, complement your personal style and make you feel like your best, most glamorous self.

To Put Away – These clothes will be neatly placed in plastic bins and stored away until it’s time to go through them again

spring cleaning menthol cigarettes SEASONAL: Anything that’s not for Spring/Summer should be stored in airtight containers until the weather changes. When it’s time to pull this bin out, go through the clothes again and give away anything that doesn’t complement your style.

TOO BIG / TOO SMALL: Why depress yourself by looking at clothes that don’t fit? Separate what’s too big from what’s too small and then analyze which pieces are worth keeping. You probably don’t need that frumpy skirt anymore, but you may want to hold on to the designer jeans…

MEMENTOS (stuff you just CAN’T get rid of because of its sentimental value): You don’t have to toss your prom dress or that skirt you want to save for your daughter one day… Just put these items in an airtight bin and store away.

MAYBE: These are the clothes that you like, but haven’t worn in a while or just haven’t had the right occasion to wear them. Put these clothes in another airtight bin and go through them in three months; you may find a couple of pieces that you want to keep. The rest need to go…

To Go Away:

TRASH: Anything that’s not wearable gets trashed. Go through your intimates and your swimwear. Throw out anything that’s more than a couple years old and keep only what makes you feel confident.

GIVEAWAY: It’s time to get rid of the clothes that no longer reflect your personal style or add any value to your wardrobe. Chances are someone else will enjoy these pieces much more than you have… Let them go!

SELL: Lightly worn designer clothing and anything that still has a price tag can easily be sold online or dropped off at a consignment shop. Buy just one fabulous piece with the money you make.

Once you’ve decided which piles to use, pull out your clothes, label your bins and get started! You may want to chill a bottle of champagne to sip when you’re done… (Complement the bubbly by enjoying a Strawberry Champagne Flavor Cartridge with your vapor cigarette)

The Process: REMEMBER, when selecting what to keep, be picky. If you have five black sweaters, choose the nicest two and give the others away. If one of your favorite pieces has seen better days, give it away or trash it, and treat yourself to an updated version once the overhaul is complete. And if anything looks cheap, just let it go…

1. Wash all of your clothes (except for what you’re wearing!) so that everything is clean and ready to be put away or let go.

2. Separate all of your clothes by type (tops, bottoms, dresses, pajamas, etc.) Get as specific as you want. If your bedroom is small, bring your clothes into a bigger room so you have more space to work.

3. Start your CURRENT pile and add the pieces you want to keep in your improved wardrobe for this season. Be selective.

4. Fill the rest of your piles, analyzing each piece carefully – don’t hold on to just anything!

menthol cigarette closet

If you like to puff while getting dressed, leave your traditional menthol cigarettes at the door; instead, choose an electronic menthol cigarette by Vapor Couture to keep your clean clothes (and your bedroom) from smelling like an ashtray.

There isn’t one right way to go through your clothes. You may not have an entire day to commit to your closet. You may have four closets. You may even have more dirty clothes than clean. Whatever your situation, we’re confident that you’ll be successful in your closet-cleaning endeavor…

Do you have any tips or stories about your closet overhauls? Share them in the comment section!


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    I think that it is high time to declutter my closet and of course to clean it. I will donate some of my clothes and shoes but these which are too old I will throw away!

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