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Your Style. Your Season. – Are You the VC Fashion Fan of the Month?

Date posted: June 23, 2014

MFW_2014_DSC_5342We’re adding a new shade to the Vapor Couture collection and getting a fresh look for the next season. Our team of designers is drawing from the style set by Miami Fashion Week and their own fashion school educations, but we want your input!

Which elegant shade or pattern do you think should be the featured VC look for the next season?

Leave a comment with your suggestion for our next signature color and you’ll be entered in our “Your Life. Your Style.” giveaway. The winner will be selected by drawing and crowned the VC Fashion Fan of the Month, with a $250 online Vapor Couture shopping spree.

The entry period runs from June 23 – 27. Winner will be announced via social media on June 30.


  • Emmalina Lautaimi says:

    Clouds….white clouds on a beautiful sky blue

  • billy johnson says:


  • Carol Walter says:

    I think the new Vapor Couture should be the VC logo in dark purple on a lilac background. Elegant and instantly identifiable it would be vaping hot!

  • Patty Scarpone says:

    I currently have the Deep Purple and the Brushed Platinum, but I would like to see a Classic Black with perhaps some Platinum detail for those formal evenings.

  • Julie A. Vito says:

    Black would be a nice color option, but more importantly, expanding the available flavors to offer as many options as the V2 line would be most appreciated. One should not have to compromise on flavor for the sake of beauty. And not all females enjoy the fruity-fruity flavors…


  • Alyssa Kurki says:

    First of how exciting to be adding a new shade. I can’t wait to see what you come up with! As far as my opinion, I currently have the rose gold, brushed platinum, and vc signature pattern batteries. I love color, so my favorite one is the rose gold. I like that one over the brushed platinum, simply because it gives it a little personality. I think adding another color that is toned down like would be a hit. At first I was thinking a peach color, but that seemed to be similar to the rose gold. I would love to see a blue! Maybe “bronzed blue” something that is warmer that would look good with gold. I love a good pattern, however I am not a huge fan of them on the ecigs. If you go with a pattern it should be something subtle and blend well. Hope this customer input helps a little!! Best of luck, can’t wait to see it!!!

  • Georgia Herbeck says:

    Why not your traditional shiny black and white that you can mix and match, with silver or gold accents!

  • Nanette says:

    It depends on which direction you’d like to go. Classic black with white/silver/gold accents, as other have suggested, is always chic. If you’re looking to add a pop of bright color for Summer, then perhaps a bright teal, or even coral. If you’d like to play off of the runway, perhaps a Burberry-inspired plaid. If you’re looking more toward a Fall/Winter launch of the new color, then a rich chocolate brown, or deep russet color…or jewel tones, such as pigeon blood ruby red, or a deep emerald.

  • Terressa Ferguson Zook says:

    I like to be discreet with my ecig’s, so I like the subtle colors. Perhaps a champagne color, with or without bubbles.

  • Sher says:

    I think and feel that a worthy addition to the VC collection is metallic red battery with silver accents. The currently offered color options of VC are all attractive, but mostly subtle. I think that Red is an option that some women would also like to have. Hot..Fiery…Bold…Confident

  • I think that the newest battery color motif should be two-toned. A bright brilliant medium shade. The purple you currently have is very pretty but very dark and looks almost brownish/black. I would say a violet (medium purple) for the body of the battery and a lilac (lighter shade but not too light) for the VC logo and LED diamond stone. Now that would be fanpurpletastic! OR go violet (medium purple) for the body of the battery and a fuchsia pink for the VC logo and the LED diamond! Definitely go two-toned: violet/lilac -OR- violet/fuchsia pink! Either of these will definitely stand out and be very eye catching and distinctive.

    All the batteries colors you have are all so beautiful! But a fresh new color motif is definitely a great idea! I worked in the marketing department for a leading healthcare and baby products company for many years and also managed their trade shows. I LOVED my job! This brought back great memories! Thanks guys and thanks for letting us participate! This was totally fun! Also thank you for taking the time to actually ask us, your loyal Vapor Couture customers/fans!

    I cannot wait to see what you come up with! But PLEASE PLEASE consider either two-toned version: violet purple/lilac/lilac -OR-violet purple/fuchsia/fuchsia!
    These would definitely be a great addition to the product line and totally stand out just like all the others! Again thanks for asking our opinion! Keep up the good work all!

    Most Sincerely, Kathi A. Bowie
    P.S. T-shirts, tanks, etc. would also be brilliant!

  • Abby Martin says:

    I think for a summer look that Hot Pink with yellow accents would be awesome.

  • karen henry says:

    Yellow like the sun. A very cheery color.

  • carol bruckman says:

    I have been coveting the rose gold VC battery since I started with V2, and lobbying for one in the V2 line. How I would love to be able to have both lines, VC & V2. What could convince me to add VC to my V2 collection (besides the rose gold) would be the addition of mother of pearl, marble, or Wedgewood Blue to the line. Also, for country fans, of which I am one, leather and lace.

  • Cyndie M says:

    Seamless clouds would be just the touch needed to complete any outfit.

  • lisa says:

    Black and white striped/polka dots with either silver or red accents.

  • Julia Harris says:

    I think a sleek metallic black or light blue would make a nice addition to your battery line.
    A deep red color would also look great!

  • Kathleen Christian says:

    Gold with thin black wispy swirls at the tip leading down to a yellow/gold crystal. Perfect for evening vaping out on the town while wearing that little black dress.

  • Galaious says:

    Chevons like the fashions.

  • Hugo Zavala says:

    I think it has to be done very simple. We can use the Brushed Platinum just adding reflective light color to the logo in blue. Also, and to prevent the rolling of the battery in a plane surface, you can add two undersurface lines using the same blue reflective color, maybe both together or one on each side from the top to the bottom or to the middle of the battery.

  • cici says:

    Black battery with hot rod flames.

  • stephanie hoover says:

    Black lace. Or any color of lace, but I am partial to black lace on a red background or white back ground. 

    Nemeigh mentioned a damask pattern in the v2 thread, that would also be pretty.

    Pearlized colors.

  • carol bruckman says:

    Thank you to whoever corrected the grammer in my previous post, my tablet has a mind of its own and an infuriating auto correct feature :)

  • Gary Self says:

    Emerald Green with gold logo.

  • NanetteS says:

    Since orange is the new black why not orange and black chevron pattern.

  • Linda Pike says:

    A Dove Gray with raised Silver Brocade Pattern – Like an “old Hollywood Glamor Style”

  • Nick Emeigh says:

    Hi everyone! I’ve never posted here before, but the flavor cartridges of the VC line are tempting me to try this line! :) I had a few ideas for the contest, too:

    I would love to see a copper colored battery, or a turquoise battery, or a combination of both either in matte or glossy or metallic finish. Also a nice high gloss semi-translucent pearl color would be brilliant. Also a black and white or black and grey damask pattern. I am also a fan of chevrons, so a matte/glossy alternation of a chevron pattern would be beautiful. I love the look of matte with gloss accents. I think any of these would be beautiful for a woman, but also a man. :) I hope you like them!

  • Kelley Clemons says:

    Turquoise with a scroll pattern in either white or copper.

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