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Where to Take Your Summer Flavors by Vapor Couture

Date posted: June 20, 2014

Your favorite vapor cigarette tastes as distinctive as it looks.
Tomorrow is June 21; the official first day of summer 2014. Where will this season take you?

Spend some time away this summer – extraordinary women like you deserve to take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Whether you plan a weekend in the city or several days at the beach, relish the flavors of Vapor Couture as you relax. From popular menthol cigarette flavors to tropical passion fruit, each VC Flavor was handpicked for a woman’s sophisticated palate.

Today, we’re spotlighting three Vapor Couture flavors and giving you suggestions on where to enjoy them.

Passion Fruit – For the Beach Destination

vapor couture summer passion fruit
A smooth, fruity flavor immersed in sweetness will let your taste buds experience their own sultry paradise. Keep a rose gold vapor cigarette (try a VC Disposable) in your beach bag so you can blissfully puff on passion fruit as you lounge under the sun. Sip a frozen cocktail, read a magazine and enjoy every second of your getaway.

Strawberry Champagne – For the City Destination

This is a decadent flavor that combines the tastes of ripe strawberries and crisp champagne, providing you with a gourmet vapor experience. Enjoy your Strawberry Champagne flavor cartridge during hot summer nights or as a sweet treat after lunch with the ladies. Bring your VC Smartphone Clutch along to carry all of your going-out essentials.

Arctic Mint – For Any Destination!

arctic mint vc.png
Current and former menthol cigarette smokers will love this flavor. It’s sweet and mellow with the perfect amount of minty freshness; ideal for an after-dinner treat. No traditional menthol cigarettes here – we’ve got vapor! Enjoy Arctic Mint flavor cartridges after meals and any time you need to cool down when it’s hot.

Where are you going this summer and which VC Flavors will you bring along?

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