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The World is Your Runway… VC’s Favorite Fashion Trends

Date posted: July 22, 2013

Trendy Lady

Are you ready for a style pick-me-up?  Craving some new ideas?  Grab your vapor cigarette and get your fashion on with Vapor Couture, and ten of the hottest trends in 2013…

10. Top it off with a sexy chapeau…  Kate's ChapeauCelebs and fashion moguls from around the world are rocking this trend all over the place (we love Kate Middleton’s style)!  Even during the summer, you can turn a chic hat into a unique accessory.

9.  Black is always black…  No matter what the event, a little black dress, sexy black pants or a sheer black top will flatter any body type.  This is a go-to color that you can make your own!  Add a Vapor Couture vapor cigarette to your look and be prepared to turn heads.

Color me furry8.  Color me fuzzy…  This fall, colored fur will be all over the runways.  Pick up a faux fur scarf, hat, or cape in your favorite color and hit the streets!  Stay warm and fashionable while showing off your VC smokeless cigarette.

7.  Look like a lady…  Move over, Kate!  Women everywhere are stepping it up and boasting skirt suits, feminine dresses, pencil skirts and elegant pumps.  Fabric should be rich and sturdy, while staying true to your womanly figure.  Be classy and feminine while exuding power.  This is not your daughter’s look!

6.  Take a walk on the wild side…  Animal prints aren’t just for the Jersey Shore!  High-Zebra Shadesfashion designers are including safari-like stripes and spots in their new collections.  For a more subdued look, try out a simple pair of sunglasses.  If you’re feeling frisky, get yourself a unique coat or a pair of boots.

5.  Suit yourself…  From the runway to the streets, suits are no longer just for old ladies and first ladies.  Now available in more flattering fits, exuberant colors and extreme prints, there is a suit for every woman…  Accessorize with sophisticated shoes (like a pair of sexy pumps or strappy sandals), and don’t forget your VC vapor cigarette!

Sporty Stripes4.  Sport a dress…  This year, sporty dresses are quickly making their way into trendsetters’ closets!  Soft fabrics, flattering fits and all-around comfort, make this new category of dresses irresistible.  Choose a short sleeved A-line frock that hits just above the knees to achieve a look that flatters almost anyone.

3.  Shady lady…  Sunglasses will never go out of style.  No matter what look you’re rocking, there is a pair of sunglasses to match!  Add your favorite Vapor Couture clutch, lanyard or bracelet to complete your accessories.

2.  Walk the line…  Stripes of all colors and sizes are lining both the runways and the streets this year!  Choose a nautical, boat neck style, or sharpen your look with a striped blazer.

VC Ladies

1.  Fashion, meet Vapor…  In our opinion, any outfit looks best when accessorized with a Vapor Couture smokeless cigarette!  Coordinate your battery and vapor cartridge colors, pick your favorite flavors and hit the town!

What are you waiting for?  Grab your favorite VC vapor cig and try out one or all of these ideas…  When you look good, you feel good!

Tell us, what trends are you rocking right now?

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