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Three Ways to Counter Objections to Vapor Cigarettes

Date posted: February 12, 2014

It can be fun to engage in a friendly debate; especially if you know what you’re talking about. When someone asks about your vapor cigarette or expresses their disapproval, what do you tell them? With the heavily controversial e-cig industry continuously gaining exposure, it’s good to know how to hold your own in a conversation with someone who may be less informed.

Read on to learn why some people object to e-cigs and what you can say to educate them…

friend with menthol cigarette
You’re telling one of your smoker friends about your new vapor cigarettes, and she says, “They are too bulky and I don’t want to deal with all the different components. Plus, they look funny…”


Tell your friend about Vapor Couture, or better yet, show her! Easy-to-use, with a slim, glamorous design, Vapor Couture e-cigs are perfect for the woman interested in a simple and chic alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Whip out your lightweight battery, equipped with your favorite flavor cartridge and let your friend try it. She won’t want to give it back! Objection dispelled…

While enjoying your vapor cigarette during a break at work, a colleague tells you, “You don’t know what’s in that.”


Start by telling your coworker that Vapor Couture provides a downloadable list of ingredients, right on the website. Then, channel your inner librarian and counter this misconception by explaining that there have been multiple studies performed to examine ingredients contained in the e-liquid of a vapor cigarette (the e-liquid is what’s inside your flavor cartridges). Tell your colleague that most e-liquids contain a mixture of water, FDA-approved propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin, food-grade flavors, and sometimes nicotine; all of these ingredients are used in several types of consumer products that we ingest every day.

women talking about a menthol cigarette
You’re talking to a friend who has kids, and she says, “The marketing of flavors targets minors and I don’t want my kids to start smoking! Why else would they be taking flavored cigarettes off the market?”


Start by saying that a vapor cigarette is NOT equivalent to a traditional tobacco or menthol cigarette; it’s a product that simply gives current adult smokers a viable alternative to tobacco. Responsible companies like Vapor Couture and other popular brands put age requirements on each product, require distributors to verify customers’ age, and keep marketing efforts targeted at adults. Tell her that there are many adult-only consumer products that boast enticing flavors and other features that organically appeal to minors without any targeted marketing campaigns – it’s just the nature of compelling products…

We understand that not everyone will react to your savviness in the same way – for a person who hasn’t done their research, it’s easy to politely dispel objections through a bit of education. However, if you come across someone who has been absorbing the rhetoric surrounding the e-cig industry and is not open to hearing a different point of view, it may be best to avoid a non-friendly debate by graciously exiting the conversation.

If you have anything to add to this list, please share in the comment section!

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