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Trend Alert: The Sexiest Holiday Makeup

Date posted: November 22, 2013

This holiday season is all about shimmer and sophistication. Lines are clean, colors are neutral, and the finished look is simple yet ravishing. Here at Vapor Couture, we’ve compiled some of the sexiest trends of the season…

Gold Eyeliner

gold eyeliner holiday makeup

According to Glamour Magazine, one of the hottest makeup trends this season is gold metallic eyeliner. Easier to maintain and apply than a red lip or shimmery shadow, just line your upper and lower lashes and feel your confidence soar! Of course you can add a red lipstick or shimmery eye shadow for extra pop, but we love this natural, sparkly look…

Burgundy Lipstick

holiday makeup burgundy

During the holidays, lip stains are the way to go. The color of the season is a darker version of that bright red lipstick that we’re all tiring of… Allowing you to eat, drink and be merry, a beautiful burgundy lip stain will stay in place and keep your puckers protected. Mistletoe, here we come!

Shimmery & Smoky

holiday makeup shimmer smokey eye

The smoky eye can NEVER go out of style! This season, a fresh take on this classic look is to add a bit of shimmer. Start by applying a light-colored shimmery eye shadow from lash line to brow line. Then, create the smoky look while blending darker colors into your creases. Your brow bones will glisten with the tiniest bit of sparkle, making you the belle of the ball!

Get Naked


Keep all of your colors neutral for a beautiful, nude look. The “makeup-less” makeup look is so hot right now; you’ll attract the best kind of attention by accentuating your natural features. And there’s nothing sexier than that…

Be Bold

holiday makeup cat eye

Craving a bold look for a special occasion? Create dramatic cat eyes with liquid liner. Keep your lids simple with a nude shadow, and then apply a burgundy lip stain. A look that’s a bit bolder, it’s still fresh and in line with the rest of this season’s trends. We found these great tips from Sephora.

Fresh Face
shutterstock_162295313A fresh face is the perfect foundation for a beautiful makeup application. The last few years, BB creams have climbed their way to the top of most of our beauty shopping lists. With silky textures, skin-loving ingredients and a fresh, clean finish, it’s not a surprise that we’ve embraced this new product so quickly! Mix your BB cream with a bit of moisturizer before applying, since the cold weather can be drying. Skip the powder (unless your skin is super-oily) and let your natural beauty shine through!

If you’re wearing shimmery makeup, keep it simple and limit the sparkle to one area. Accentuating just one part of your face will make your most attractive features pop – and we all have at least one beautiful feature that should be emphasized! From gold eyeliner to shimmery smoky eyes, to burgundy lips, there’s a holiday makeup look for everyone. What will you rock next?

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