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Be a Trendsetter

Date posted: December 23, 2013

Starting a trend doesn’t mean wearing a meat outfit like Lady Gaga. But it does mean wearing outfits that stand out in a crowd. Trendsetters look in the mirror before they go out and know they’re taking a risk. But, they fight that fear and venture out, rocking their extraordinary style, instead of digging up another outfit. Below are a few philosophies that may help you become less sheep and more wolf:


1. The “Nobody Cares” Philosophy: This shouldn’t be too big of a shock, but people care more about themselves than you. They’re worrying about their own outfit. Not yours. The good news is, they don’t really care enough to judge harshly. Even if you get noticed for making a questionable fashion choice, people will have forgotten after their third cocktail.

2. The “Oblivious” Philosophy: When people comment on your hair, your jewelry or even your cigarette case, pretend it’s no big deal. “Oh this? Yeah, I’ve had this for a while. I got my hair done last week, but thank you.”

3. The “Own It” Philosophy: You may not have designed that new dress with your sewing machine, but who cares? Pretend you did. The Pam Smith Collection (or whatever your name is), is now available at Macy’s. Rock your own style!

4. The “Take Over” Philosophy: Your friends and frenemies alike are looking for social leadership. Why shouldn’t it be you? Introduce them to a new perfume, a new restaurant or a new smoke free cigarette. See where we’re going here? Open their eyes to Vapor Couture and other new style statements. Chances are, your friends will appreciate your unique suggestions. Even the designer electronic cigarette case is enough to cause a stir.

5. The “Be Nice” Philosophy: You may have heard somewhere that, with great power comes great responsibility. Now that you’re a trendsetter, people will look to you for guidance. So remember to stay classy! Never be “that woman”. You’re better than that!

Follow our lead, and you’ll be a trendsetter in no time! How do you create new looks? Tell us in the comment section!

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