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Vapor Couture™ Product Spotlight: Portable Charging Case

Date posted: March 25, 2014

vc lady cigarette caseReady for a new accessory? This spring, recharge your e-cig collection with a Portable Charging Case (PCC) by Vapor Couture™… This powerful vapor cigarette case combines impressive technology with high fashion, delivering maximum performance without sacrificing style. Just attach your VC battery and the PCC will power it with a full charge; no matter where you are.

Continue reading to find out more about this smart little accessory…

Vapor Couture PCC Features:

vc vapor cigarette case– Charges your battery up to six times before needing to be reconnected to a power source
– A series of LED lights glow to indicate how much power remains, in both the case and the battery being charged
– Capable of storing one Vapor Couture Battery and two flavor cartridges
– Sleek design is slimmer (and more chic) than a pack of traditional cigarettes
– Available in three glamorous colors: Rose Gold, Brushed Platinum, and Deep Purple

How it Works:

vapor cigarette case– To charge your PCC, connect the included USB cord to your computer or a VC Wall Adaptor; the lights will indicate when it’s fully charged.
– To charge your Vapor Couture battery, slide the PCC open and screw the battery into the metal piece. Then, press the button next to the indicator lights for three seconds or until the lights begin to blink.
– To check the charge status of your PCC, simply press the button next to the indicator lights.
– To check the charge status of your battery, press and hold the button for three seconds.

You’ll love catching a glimpse of the PCC’s subtle glow as it charges your Vapor Couture battery from the depths of your favorite handbag… This is a must-have vapor cigarette case – get yours now!

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