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Vapor Couture “Share the Love” Contest

Date posted: July 14, 2012

We want to give you a Vapor Couture Deluxe Sampler Kit! Help us spread the word about this unique line of products and you’ll have a chance to win your very own kit. To enter, promote us on your favorite social media platform and then send us an email with the details – it’s that easy! You can link to VaporCouture.com on your Facebook page, tweet about us on Twitter or re-pin one of our Vapor Couture images on Pintrest. You’ll get extra points for creativity, so put that active imagination to good use!

Once you’ve flexed those creative muscles and shared your love of Vapor Couture with your social media friends, tell us all about it in an email. Send an email to Fan@VaporCouture.com letting us know how many times you linked to VaporCouture.com and what sites you linked from. Try to provide documentation (like a screenshot) so we can see all the great ideas you came up with to spread the word about Vapor Couture. Make sure you also include your first and last name, address and phone number in the body of the email.

The winner will be announced at the end of the month, so get on your favorite social media platform and start sharing! The more you share, the greater your chances of winning! Who knows? Maybe you’ll be the very first person ever to win a Vapor Couture Deluxe Sampler Kit!




  • Ann Reck says:

    A woman should smell of sugar, spice and everything nice…. Not like a dirty ashtray !!!

  • I left a posts with the website link. I wish the regular V2 site never took their facebook page down. :( Does the couture not fit the regular v2’s?

  • Ann Reck says:

    It would be most helpful to win 1,000,000.00 a year for life

  • Brenda Armstrong says:

    I love V2 cigs! They have so much vapor with a great smooth taste.

  • Beverly Reneau says:

    I bought this for my son and daughter in law and they loved it. They referred a sister, and cousins and now they are using it.

    I posted a link and an ad on my facebook page and wrote.

    This product saves lives, saves money, and is classy. What more is there to say…. check out V2 electronic cigarettes.
    at http://www.vaporcouture.com. Your life.

  • I am promoting Vapor Couture on Facebook!!! I would love to win the deluxe sampler kit.

    I will get my friends to check it out.

    Thank you kindly!!!

  • Hoping to win! About to share your website! Thanks so much for such an amazing product to help quit smoking!

  • Cathy Ehret says:

    This would be the perfect E-cigarette to be able to quit smoking the regular ones. What a perfect chance for someone to win this product.

  • I used your link to put on my facebook page directly to the Courture section and highly recommended your V2 products

  • I have had a love affair with analog cigarettes for about 35 years or so, and I’ve quit many times (once for over 20 years). Last August I decided to give E-Cigs a chance and ordered from V2Cigs to see if I could give up analog cigarettes for good this time. I’m happy to say that after the initial 2 weeks of vaping, I was hooked! I haven’t touched an analog cigarette in almost a year!!!
    But, the only thing that was truly on my wish list for my V2Cigs was a slimmer, lighter E-Cig since I used to spoke a slim cigarette and that was the ONLY thing I missed about smoking.
    So, when I got the email announcing Vape Couture, I thought, cool, an E-Cig with bling and ordered right away (even though I don’t have a job right now, I had to have an E-Cig with bling!)
    You can imagine my surprise when I opened my package not only to find a blinged up E-Cig, but a beautifully THIN E-Cig!!!
    I have to tell you that I AM IN HEAVEN!!!!!
    I posted a note to my friends on my Facebook wall- now I will be telling EVERYONE I know or meet about my new Vape Couture!
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

  • i am in love in with this product..unfotunately i ordred the regular v2 cig right before this new couture line was introduces.. i would of defintely orderd these cute cigs before hand if saw them before i ordered my v2 cigs,,i already have had one person order the delux packeage through the smoke for free discount card and will have 2 more orders coming in by the end of the weekend,,I def tell everyone of my friends that smoke about this product, I let them try mine and they immediantly fall in love with it like i did..when they ask how it works i let them try my own in which they instantly love and want to order the own..thnk for creating this amazing product..
    one very happy customer
    chrstina mustachio

  • Ann Reck says:

    V-2 cigs are the best !!!
    The flavors ROCK, and they’re extremely fresh and a pleasure to use.
    When are you coming out with e-liquid in more flavors?
    And why aren’t available in Pa. Retail stores like Target, Walmart, cvs or Walgreens And the larger chains?
    I’m out of my e-liquid so I had to buy regular cigarettes and YUCK !!!
    I didn’t know that there would be such a difference in taste.
    Such a much cleaner taste.. Love them.
    Annie Reck

  • Tracey says:

    I love v2 cigs.I had a stroke 01/31/2012 and was able toq uit smoking.A special thanks to v2.Im trying to get everyone I love to quit .v2 really helps meI would really love the vaporcontour.I tell everyone I know about V2.V2 has changed my life

  • Ann Reck says:

    Nicotine , not tobacco has been recently studied for health benefits. Preliminary results suggest that nicotine may help with Parkinson’s Disease, Altzheimers and Depression

  • Michele Hannah says:

    I would love to try V2. I have red dragon and I hate it! If I can’t change to V2, I’m going back to regular smokes!

  • Michele Hannah says:

    btw my twitter name is ant_chele and I need V2 desperately!

  • Michele Hannah says:

    Also, I’m on Oxygten, so I pretty much have to use tobacco less smokes. I like some of them, but would love to try V2!

  • What I posted on Facebook


    Okay. I didn’t want to quit smoking. Really. But I didn’t want the problem of having a fire hazard at the end of my fingertips, especially as I have begun falling asleep after dinner (who hasn’t who’s my age or older?) and that is prime time for a smoke. So, I decided to SWITCH instead. I’m VERY happy with my choice. No more icky smell or taste but I still get to hold the cig, inhale and get my nicotene and blow out a harmless mist. What could be better than that?

  • I have been a V2 user for quite sometime and now a very satisfied VC user. I have promoted you many times to my FB friends. Even came up with a slogan. “Don’t be a 1950’s girl, when you can be a 2012 Woman” use VC!! I didn’t want to quit smoking, to honest I enjoy it. But your product has given me a way to have both. I generally stop and talk to smokers on the street. Let them know there is a different way to not only smoke, but be socially acceptable and green conscious. TY!

  • Ann Reck says:

    Also, I’d like to mention adding to my comment above that studies are being done on nicotine.
    It appears that nicotine, could have positive health benefits for patients who suffer from Altzimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease as well as those with clinical depression !!
    Now that’s wonderful news….

  • kathleen landers says:

    love to smoke hope this will work as substitute for capri menthol 120’s at least half the time wich would be a step in the healthy

  • Ann Reck says:

    I tell everyone about V-2’s
    I would LOVE to win a couture kit.
    Soooo cute !!!!

  • angiekeese says:

    wow…i got style and i stoped smokin thanks to v2….best ever…

  • Re Re Fos says:

    3 mos. this past sunday, i will have been quit smoking regular cigarettes! I love the V2’s, so wish the vapor couture line came out when i decided to try the original v2’s but, i’d never tried quitting until a friend started smoking v2’s and once i did i gave up the regular cigs! love the V2’s and vapor couture line! Thanks!

  • R Riordan says:

    Got the passion fruit for mothers day, now with the VC, “smoking” is elegant again, not to mention it brings the guys and girls to the table 😉

  • Haven’t lit up a tobacco-cigarette since April, thanks to V-2 . I especially like the coffee-flavored vapor. Do hope I win a Vapor
    Couture Deluxe Sampler Kit!

  • Janet Laney says:

    I am sitting here getting ready to order Your V2 Couture, Looking at all the reviews and then all of these comments. Just wondering if these comments are all true!! Or just want win the KIT! So I guess I’ll have to find out about it myself! So Just going to order it! But would Love To Win The Whole Kit!! So if we have to write something to Win It! Then Here It Is! I can’t wait to try it!! Looks so pretty! I always Bling My Own E Cigs when I get them. Everyone Laughs Because I always have the Prettiest E Cigs!! So I’m Very Happy to get one already PRETTY!! Can’t wait to get it! THANKS!!

  • Janet Laney says:

    And wanted to add that I have been Vaping for almost 2 years now!! Nov will be 2!! These E Cigs have been a Wonderful Help. I smoked for 30 some years!! I haven’t touched one since I started these!! So I’m Very Happy to TRY A PRETTY ONE, and HOPEFULLY A GOOD ONE! Seems like with the reviews I’m going to be VERY PLEASED!! THANKS V2!!

  • When the nicitine monster is hungry and no smoking signs are everywhere. E-Cigs are a way to give your nicitine moster the craving it desires. Now with the new VC colulture line your nictine monster’s inconvient craving can be satisfyied with a sexy bling style. Making smoking and your monster not quite so ugly.

  • Blingagritte. putting the sexy back in smoking.

  • Areej says:

    Is this contest still on?? Because I can definitely pimp this VC all over my media platforms and I SERIOUSLY want to win this kit! I plan to buy it before Christmas but I want one now!!!

  • Tonya says:

    I want one right now!!!

  • T'Ann says:

    I am a lover of smoking cig’s, despite the bad after smell and the chemicals that are too harsh. Even switching to a cig that has no chemicals is still harsh. I have been off and on with smoking for years and constantly looking for alterninitives. I was not appealed by e-cig’s two years ago due to look, taste, and lack of options for the high cost and expensive re-purchase of any part of the e-cig. V2 is currently the number 1 e-cig on the market. As a grown woman the Couture line drew me back to wanting to see if anything has changed in 3 years with the e-cig. You have more options and looks like a better customer service set up. I would love to trade over to Couture and drop cig’s all together. I do wish all great luck in this drawing.

  • cindy says:

    man hopefully i win that because that looks so neat…?????///????

  • Nathalie says:

    I quit smoking early Sep after 25 years continuous smoking habit. Just based on e-cigs, and especially the vapor couture.
    Initially using cartridges with nicotin, and lately without, just for the sake of the gesture, especially when surrounded by smoker friends…

    Wish they hurried with the new tastes: can’t wait to try them;-)

  • Pamela says:

    Wow! This sure would make my Christmas Grand !
    Santa if your reading this I have been very good this year!

  • Dawn says:

    I am a new owner of the v2 cig. My son gave me a kit for Christmas and I was quite surprised that it gave me a confident feeling that I was really smoking. I was sharing the knowledge of the v2 with my girlfriends and we were saying that the weight is still too heavy, if they come up with a lighter battery (Bam) that would clinch the deal. Love not having the odor but still have the satisfaction of feeling from my smoke. I know that if the weight of the battery is as light (or almost) a real cig. then I could bring my girlfriends over to the V2 cig. Now coming on to your website I see that you have a thinner battery, can’t wait to try it.

  • LeighAnn says:

    Been repping the site and product on my facebook full force, ever since I ordered my essentials kit. Would love to win the deluxe kit, although I never win anything but still, no one ever succeeds by doing nothing at all.

  • Posted to my twitter account. Would love an opportunity to win. Would make me feel a little classier lol:)

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