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VC™ Spring 2014 Style Match: Colors to Complement Your Batteries

Date posted: April 9, 2014

vc style match spring 2014At Vapor Couture™, we’re all about personal style. We love to experiment with different colors, textures and silhouettes, and we really love coordinating trendy ensembles with vapor cigarettes. Fashion is one of our biggest sources of inspiration and color plays an important role when it comes to styling just about anything. So, today we’re going to explore which shades best complement your VC Batteries.

When you’re pulling options for an outfit, how do you choose which pieces will “make it work”? Do you already know which color vapor cigarette battery you’ll be incorporating or will you wait until you’re dressed to decide? With your entire wardrobe at your fingertips and four Vapor Couture Battery designs to choose from, the options are endless. These are some of our favorite color combinations for spring 2014*…

spring style match

VC Battery Deep Purple
Battery: Deep Purple with Clear Crystal Tip

Colors: Paloma is a soft gray that works as a neutral base, highlighting the more saturated colors in your ensemble. Wear it alone to achieve a look of sleek sophistication. Freesia is a perky yellow hue that really pops when paired with colors like grey or purple.

brushed platinumBattery: Brushed Platinum with Pink Crystal Tip

Colors: Add a dash of cayenne to your outfit and turn up the heat! A bold red hue with pink and orange undertones, Cayenne makes any neutral more exciting and it looks even better next to your Brushed Platinum battery. Celosia Orange is a bright orange color that exudes spontaneity and confidence.

VC Battery Rose Gold
Battery: Rose Gold with Gold Jewel Tip

Colors: Siren combines hints of grey with light green hues, giving your outfit a touch of summer fun. Sand, a classic neutral, looks fantastic with almost any color – but we especially like to pair it with our rose gold batteries.

VC White Signature Battery: White Signature with Purple Jewel Tip

Colors: Placid Blue is the perfect pastel for spring 2014. Combine this welcoming blue shade with neutrals, or pair it with brighter colors for a modern, yet balanced, look. Violet Tulip, a muted version of Radiant Orchid, matches the purple jewel tip on our White Signature battery; add a neutral base to your ensemble and you’ll be set for a beautiful spring day…

What are your favorite spring color combinations? Snap pics of your best looks (include your electric menthol cigarette) and share them with us on Instagram – use #vaporcouture so everyone can see your style!


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