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VC Summer Fashion Trend – Railroad Style

Date posted: August 1, 2013

railroad styleRecently, the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) issued a ban on vapor cigarettes. Since the 1800’s, people have enjoyed trains as effective means of transportation. But what happens to riders needing a nicotine fix during their journey? Traditional cigarettes were only banned from trains less than 20 years ago. Now, vapor cigarettes are included in that restriction. The regulations are taking a toll on vapers everywhere.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t travel in style! “Taking the train” can still be glamorous, even without being able to show off your VC smoke free cigarette. Check out some ideas we came up with, and create your own “railroad” style.

1.Skinny Jeans – Bring your comfiest pair, and accessorize with a sexy scarf
2.Pumps – Always classy!
3.Elegant Dress – Flaunt your assets in a classic, a-line dress
4.Hat – All aboard! Pick up a conductors hat if you’re going for a casual look; for something more elegant, clip a tiny hat with a veil into your hair. You can make any outfit pop with a simple chapeau!
5.Suitcase – Don’t travel without stylish luggage! Get something on wheels for easier travels…
6.Vapor Couture vapor cigarette – While you may not be “allowed” to enjoy smokeless cigarettes on the LIRR, you can still take them with you!

Complete your look with a Vapor Couture clutch. As soon as you step onto the train, you’ll be conducting your own fashion show…

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