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VC’s Favorite Autumn Trends

Date posted: August 28, 2013

You know autumn is approaching when the leaves begin to change colors and a chill runs through the air… It’s time to start thinking about your fall wardrobe! What do you like to wear when the seasons start to shift? Do you have a transitional style to take you into the next phase, or do you stick to a more timeless look? Whatever your personal style, Vapor Couture’s fall fashion suggestions will get you prepped and ready for anything that comes your way!aline coat

When the streets are your runway, the first thing onlookers notice is your outerwear. So, invest in something classic and chic. An A-line coat is unique, yet still timeless. Find one in your favorite color and strut your stuff!

green bracelet
Emerald green is the official color of 2013. Before the year ends, make sure to show off your style smarts by rocking a classy jewel-toned dress. Jewelry is another way to insert this year’s color into your look. Try a statement necklace or bracelet featuring emerald green – others will be green with envy when they see what you can put together!

Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day? Essentials like white denim and cream-colored coats never go out of style. As long as the fabrics and textures are in line with the season, you’re good to go. And don’t forget the power of a crisp, white button-down! You can create almost any look with a white button-down blouse as your foundation.

white denim

white textureLayer textures and patterns – pair a sheer top with leather pants, or wear a comfy cotton dress with a bit of lace peeking out from beneath. Or, wear a pair of patterned shoes with a leopard print blouse! As long as you keep your layered look streamlined, the extra contrast will make you stand out from the crowd. Wear matching jewelry or make sure to coordinate the rest of your outfit when pairing two different textures or patterns.

Peplum is sticking around! According to fashion experts, this look is still one of the most popular. The peplum style is flattering for almost any body type. Creating the impression of a slimmer waist and that hourglass shape that we all wish for, a peplum blouse or dress will put an extra pep in your step!

airyGo with the flow… Even though the weather is cooling down, you can still rock a delicate blouse, flowing dress, or even pair a long sheer top with jeans. The Bohemian look is still in, and you’ll be sure to turn heads while gliding gracefully along your personal runway.

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