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What’s Your Signature Vapor Couture Look for Fall?

Date posted: November 13, 2012

With the leaves changing color and a chill in the air, it’s clear that fall is finally upon us. What changes have you made to your wardrobe, lately? It’s time to put away the sandals and pack up the sundresses in favor of pretty sweaters and warm coats. White shoes are a big no-no; autumn was meant for boots of all shapes and sizes!

At Vapor Couture, we love changing up our accessories as much as we love changing our wardrobes. Dark nail polish, statement scarves and best of all, our VC Signature Color Combinations! Could your favorite summer VC Battery & Cartridge combination be ready for a fall makeover? Light Yellow-Green is trending in a big way this month – we love the way this bright, accent color looks paired with a deep purple VC Battery.

It’s hard not to smile when a color which was popular several years ago comes back into style (who doesn’t love a chance to be fashion-forward without spending a dime?) That’s why we’re grinning from ear-to-ear over tangerine’s re-emergence on the runway this season! Offset this fun, orange shade with a battery in our Signature VC Logo Pattern or pick up a VC Clutch in bronze – creating your trademark look for fall is easy!

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