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What’s Your Signature VC Flavor?

Date posted: July 11, 2013

When it comes time to choose which flavor to enjoy with your Vapor Couture vapor cigarette, what do you do? Do you carry several flavors around with you or do you stick to one favorite? Here at VC, we love to mix and match different colors of batteries and vapor cartridges in order to get the perfect look. But, it’s also important to get the perfect flavor… So, read on to find out which flavor of Vapor Couture you are!

Vapor Couture offers you six tantalizing vapor e-cig flavors, available in four strengths of nicotine and four fashionably colored vapor cartridges. No matter which flavors your taste buds crave, you’ll always get the taste sensation you want.

Try one or try them all, depending on your style and preference!

vc2Rodeo Drive – For the woman who craves an all-American rich and spicy tobacco flavor. Each puff delivers the robust taste of domestic tobacco. If your preferences lean towards Marlboro, Pal-Mal, Winston, Basic, Lucky Strike, Doral or Chesterfield; Rodeo Drive is the flavor for you!

vc1Bombshell – For women who love the aromatic, smooth and satisfying blend of Turkish tobacco. Do your taste buds yearn for Camel, Kent, American Spirit, Merit or European cigarette varieties? If so, you’ll be head-over-heels for our signature Bombshell flavor.

vc3Fresh Mint – This refreshing menthol flavor will provide even the hottest chicks with a cool vapor cigarette experience. If you crave Newport, Kool, Salem, Marlboro Menthol or Basic Menthol cigarettes, Fresh Mint is sure to satisfy with its revitalizing burst of freshness.

vc4Passion Fruit – A sun-drenched, island getaway, reminiscent of your favorite fruity drink! Hints of sweetness combined with tropical flavors make this the perfect choice for women looking for something fun and fabulous.
vc5Strawberry Champagne – One of VC’s newest flavors, Strawberry Champagne is worth toasting! This decadent blend of fresh strawberries and crisp, bubbly champagne will leave you saying, “Cheers!”

vc6Arctic Mint – VC’s newly released Arctic Mint flavor is a perfect after-dinner treat! The cool flavor of fresh peppermint combined with a bit of sweetness is perfect for any occasion.

All Vapor Couture flavor cartridges are available in four strengths of nicotine: 1.8%, 1.2%, 0.6%, and zero. Choose from four eye-catching colors: deep purple, brushed platinum, rose gold and our VC signature logo pattern.

Once you pick your go-to flavors, you’ll be ready to rock your Vapor Couture vapor cigarettes in style. Add a few of our glamorous accessories and you’ll look like you came straight off the runway!

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