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Step out in style with a Vapor Couture Disposable. Perfect for any occasion, these single-use electronic cigarettes fuse fashion with convenience.

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VC Disposable Features

Vapor Couture Disposables offer robust performance in a sleek, streamlined design. Slim and lightweight, each disposable vapor cigarette combines the battery, atomizer and flavor cartridge into one convenient unit. An LED light beneath the sparkling crystal tip of your Vapor Couture Disposable glows with each satisfying puff. With no assembly or recharging required, your Vapor Couture Disposable is ready to enjoy, right out of the box!

Measurements: 88.9mm in length; 3.7V and 135mAH single use battery

VC Disposable E-cig Flavors
Passion Fruit (rose gold)

Fruity and bold, this full-bodied flavor entices with a taste of the tropics. Available in Rose Gold with a clear crystal tip.

Arctic Mint (brushed platinum)

Experience a sensuous Arctic blast of minty flavor. Available in Brushed Platinum with a pink crystal tip.

Rodeo Drive (deep purple)

This traditional American tobacco flavor is rich, robust and satisfying. Available in Deep Purple with a clear crystal tip.

Nicotine Amounts: All Vapor Couture Disposables come in 1.2% nicotine strength.
How VC Disposables Work

Ready for use right out of the box, Vapor Couture Disposables are as simple as they are sophisticated. Just remove the “Pull Tab” sticker and puff on it like you would a traditional cigarette. This single-use electronic cigarette has no additional components and does not require assembly or recharging. Vapor Couture Disposables make the perfect travel companion and are easily distributed to family and friends.

VC Disposables