Smoke 4 Free

We will be rolling out new features for the Vapor Couture Smoke4Free Program in the months after the store launch. Please pay attention to the most updated Smoke4Free terms as they apply to the way your credits can be used and accrued.  

The Vapor Couture Smoke4Free program is a referral/rewards program that can help you reduce and even eliminate your monthly e-smoking costs. By helping us to spread the word about this amazing product, we will reward you with store dollars to order free merchandise. With Smoke4Free, not only will you benefit, but your friends and family will receive a substantial discount on their first VC Starter Kit. 

I am a new customer of Vapor Couture and V2 Cigs

At this time, new customers of Vapor Couture will not be issued a Smoke4Free code. The program will launch a few months after the store launch. At that time, you can contact a customer service representative and they will create your Smoke4Free account code. Once you have your code, you can start earning account dollars for free Vapor Couture merchandise!

I already have a Smoke4Free code from V2 Cigs

If you already have a Smoke4Free code, that code can be shared to purchase Starter Kits from or at a savings of 15% off. Each time someone uses your code to purchase a Starter Kit, you will receive $15 in your account. Initially, your accrued account dollars can only be used to purchase merchandise from Once we update the system, you will be able to use your accrued account dollars to purchase merchandise from 

Thank you for promoting Vapor Couture!

Vapor Couture Smoke4Free (S4F) Program Terms of Use:

  1. Smoke4Free codes are provided as a benefit for customer use only.
  2. Smoke4Free codes are not to be used by affiliates of or in any form and under any condition.
  3. The sole intention of the program is to provide appreciation credits to customers for providing personal referrals to One $15 credit is issued per order when someone uses your Smoke4Free code. Smoke4Free codes used to make purchases through your own account will receive the 15% discount, but not the $15 credit
  4. Smoke4Free codes are not to be posted on V2 Cigs or Vapor Couture social media sites in any form. This includes the Forum, Blogs, Facebook Pages, Twitter, etc.
  5. Smoke4Free credits are not redeemable for cash value.
  6. Smoke4Free credits are only redeemable toward the purchase of retail priced items on after the intial store launch. Eventually, you will be able to use your account dollars to purchase from 
  7. Smoke4Free credits cannot be exchanged, traded or transferred.
  8. Smoke4Free credits are valid for one year from date of issue and are subject to forfeiture after such time.
  9. Accounts with credits determined to be derived through disallowed or abusive mass distribution practices (such as spam, coupon code sites) will have any or all credits removed from their account and the code will be subject to immediate termination at our sole discretion.
  10. We reserve the right to change the Smoke4Free Terms of Use at any time.