Vapor Couture Quality

Vapor Couture is one of the few brands created right here in the United States. Most vapor cigarette companies just slap a logo on a product which was designed overseas, Vapor Couture is different. Our expert team is involved in every step of manufacture - from product engineering and design to quality control and logistics.

  • Every Vapor Couture product is designed by skilled VC engineers, located in Florida and California
  •  Only Vapor Couture Certified plants are used to assemble our products and additional subcomponents are provided by suppliers which have been verified and approved.
  • Vapor Couture e-liquids are subjected to rigorous, comprehensive chemical testing which ensures consistency and product safety.
  • Maintaining transparency is a top priority of Vapor Couture
    • E-liquid ingredients are available to download in PDF format
    • Every Vapor Couture e-liquid product comes to you with its batch number and expiration date clearly labeled, so you can view your own testing results, live on the Vapor Couture website
  • Vapor Couture electrical components undergo daily testing at the VC quality control center in Miami, as well as at our international factories, onsite
  • We continually test our Vapor Couture flavor cartridges to assure consistency. We test for: cartomizer impedance, cartomizer weight, temperature and puff consistency.
  • All Vapor Couture flavor cartridges are blister sealed in foil to prevent contamination and keep e-liquids fresh through their expiration date

Vapor Couture is more than just elegant design. Our unique line of vapor cigarette products deliver quality, reliability and consistency. At Vapor Couture, we provide you with a product whose performance is as striking as its appearance.