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Deluxe Kit

Deluxe Kit

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Upgrade and save with the Vapor Couture Deluxe Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit.  This set includes all of the products in the Vapor Couture Essentials Kit, a VC lanyard with charm and the exclusive Vapor Couture Clutch. Customize your kit with your choice of four battery colors, three clutch colors and your choice of cartridge color, flavor and strength. It’s all about your style with Vapor Couture Deluxe Kit.


Inside the box:

  • 2 Automatic Batteries
  • 2 5-Packs Flavor Cartridges
  • 1 VC Clutch
  • 1 VC Lanyard + Charm
  • 1 Mini Smart Charger
  • 1 Wall Charger
  • 1 Manual

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Usage Tips:


Fully charge your VC battery after opening your Vapor Couture Deluxe Electronic Cigarette Kit. The Mini Smart Charger has a light indicator on the side that turns from red to green when the battery is ready for use.


To attach a cartridge to the battery, simply screw it onto the end of the battery. Draw a few small puffs with your mouth to heat the e-liquid, and then draw on it as you would a normal cigarette to produce a thick vapor. Each puff will light up the LED light in the crystal tip to indicate it is working. 


Every VC Flavor Cartridge is filled with enough of our exclusive e-liquid to last between 150 - 200 puffs, or almost same duration as smoking a pack of tobacco cigarettes. Replace the cartridge once the vapor starts to fade or the taste becomes unpleasant. 


The battery will let you know when it needs to be charged when the light on the crystal tip starts flash on and off.