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White Signature Battery

White Signature Battery

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Vapor Couture slim batteries, cartridges and accessories are not compatible or interchangeable with V2 products.

A white background beautifully showcases the craftsmanship and ultra-feminine detailing of the Vapor Couture Signature Logo battery. This sexy logo style is perfect for the girl who loves to be the center of attention. All of Vapor Couture batteries are sleek with an ultra-skinny shape and a light-up jewel tip that sparkles with every puff.

Voltage: 4.2 V
Battery rating: 190 mA
Charge time: 1 hour
Length without cartridge: 85.85 mm
Diameter: 8 mm

Usage Tips:

Each battery automatically activates when puffed on, making them fun and easy to use. Simply screw the Vapor Couture flavor cartridge onto the Vapor Couture battery, until tight. Place electronic cigarette to lips and proceed to puff on the cartridge opening. You will taste the flavor and see wisps of vapor. To have the best experience with your Vapor Couture battery, please charge for at least 2-3 hours before use. To charge, attach your Vapor Couture battery to the Vapor Couture Mini Charger and plug into any standard USB port. An LED light located on the side of the charger will start to glow red once the charger is in use. When fully charged, the light on the mini charger will turn green. The Vapor Couture Battery typically requires a charge every 3-7 hours, depending on use.